Saturday, August 14, 2010

Disaster Knocked Pakistan!!!

Pakistan is facing both man made and unprecedented natural disaster. A country teetering at the brink of disaster facing unparalleled back to back challenges from terrorism to flood and rain havoc.

As per World Bank estimates USD 1bill worth crop destroyed, over 10 million people affected besides infrastructure damage and live stock loss. Experts believe that magnitude of loss is colossal and beyond government’s capacity to address, it is the need of the hour for nation, region and world at large to help Pakistan.

It is well known saying ‘poverty breeds extremism’, flood, hunger and disaster provides an opportunity to religious extremist groups to recruit and strengthen their roots. Sooner we address the issue better it would be for Pakistan, region and entire world.

These pictures speak volumes;

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San Antonio Cicily said...

I hope you don't mind Imran but I have a few questions for you! First of all I completely agree with everything you have said, this is so true! My question is how has the current war in Afghanistan affected your country? And how did the war in Afghanistan with the Soviets affect your country! It angers me to hear Americans making racist comments about muslims blaming them for 911 and calling them all terrorists! Most Americans are not very educated about the middle east or Pakistan Afghanistan. They make uneducated racist comments, and are unwilling to take responsibility for arming and training the Taliban. The problem with this is that all Muslims suffer and this further divides the east and west! I also feel that the continual backing of Israel and their crimes creates a lot of these problems. I am not unsympathetic to Jews, I just feel that they have brought a lot of problems on themselves, and I am not convinced they had a right to take that land. Anyway I'm just curious how the situation in Afghanistan has affected you. In regards to the floods all you have to do is go to facebook and yahoo news page, read the article on the floods and you will see how Americans feel about helping.You are right that poverty breeds extremism but most americans are not educated enough to realize this. I guess this is just one of my pet peeves, and the racist comments anger me! But hell look at our leaders George Bush didn't even know what a sunni or shia was before we went to war! Now they want to put sarah Palin in office, she can see Russia from her backyard lol. I guess that tells you everything right there. Anyway I enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing!