Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cheatistan; Pakistan Cricketing Cheat Busted!!!!

In a sensational story broke by British Tabloid shocked the cricketing fans across the world. Pakistani cricketers caused further dent to falling image of Pakistan. We are sad, as Pakistani how should i react if someone calls my beloved Pakistan "CHEATISTAN". Historically, cricket was known as Gentlemen sports, not anymore, thanks to our fellow Pakistanis.

As per the tabloid"In the most sensational sporting scandal ever, bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif delivered THREE blatant no-balls to order.Their London-based fixer Mazhar Majeed, who let us in on the betting scam for £150,000, crowed "this is no coincidence" before the bent duo made duff deliveries at PRECISELY the moments promised to our reporter".

Armed with damning dossier of video evidence, Scotland Yard launched their own probe into the scandal.

If the allegation turns out to be true, stern action such as punishment and confiscation of bank accounts in Pakistan and abroad would be the need of the hour.

At times i wonder what is wrong with our nation, when i read books such as Military Inc, A Case of Exploding Mangoes, i come across horror stories, the way our military plays havoc with public funds and abuse of power for their personal and corporate interests. On the other hand stories pertaining to bureaucracy and politicians are not pleasant either.

World does not trust us, heard people calling us CHEATISTAN. It seems, its a collective failure of a nation, too myopic and interested in personal gains.

It takes years to build an image but few seconds to destroy.

At times we feel ashamed to be part of such a society and country plagued with corruption, self interests and medieval thoughts.

I wonder why world is shying away when we are hit by disastrous flood !!!!!

Don't raise your eyebrows if someone comes up with weird theory and blame black water for this conspiracy !!!!

Caught Red handed YouTube Video Link:

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