Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sufi Music, Peace, Love, Islam & New York!!!

Islam is all about peace; history of subcontinent is witness to it through Sufism. Unfortunately, tolerant, colorful and green land of subcontinent is being merged with desert land of Arabia through adopting Wahabi brand of Islam i.e., based on intolerant and puritan religious beliefs.

It is a known fact that there are few bad apples trying to use reign of terror to hijack peace loving society to promote their limited agenda.

The issue is, only bad acts of bad guys get global coverage, however peace loving majority is nowhere in the news. Lately Coke studio did a wonderful job through presenting Sufi fusion music, an effort to show true picture of peace loving society to the world.

Lately an interesting event “The Pakistani Peace Builders (PPB) Sufi Music Festival” organized at Union Square in New York. An independent cultural diplomacy campaign sharing the love and peace of Islam in sub continent through the universal language of music that reaffirms shared values of tolerance and peace.

Festival showed solidarity with the victims of Mohamand and Data Darbar shrine bombing and failed attend to bomb Times Square.

We need more voices from peace loving majority.


Anonymous said...

thanks imran jan i am proud to have cousin like u who thinks and do things for his ppls .

Anonymous said...

As a skeptic myself, I like this website: