Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flotilla Massacre, Israel, Pakistan & Balochistan!!!!

Flotilla massacre is one of the sad and ugly displays of Israeli military power. Role of Pakistani civil society & media has been lauded and one of the media personnel “Mr Talat Hussein” happened to be on Flotilla was eulogized.

Whenever I see media and civil society’s hue and cry for far away events, i get into deep thoughts, i wonder what makes these people sleep in the case of Balochistan or killings of religious minorities in Pakistan!!!!

Lately I came across an interesting article published by Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy titled “Reflections on the Flotilla Massacre”.

Dr Pervez writes;

Let’s face the truth: Israeli crimes are extremely serious but they pale in front of those committed almost daily by religious extremists in Pakistan.
– Israel murdered nine peace activists of the Mavi Marmara, but just hours earlier jihadists had killed over ninety Ahmadis peacefully praying in a mosque in Lahore.
– Israel starves Gaza, but the Taliban have imposed an even more brutal blockade of Shias in Parachinar and Kurram. Israel does not amputate the limbs of its enemies or decapitate them, but the Taliban do.
– Israel has destroyed schools for Palestinians in Gaza, but the Taliban have blown up nearly a thousand schools.
– Of course, it is not just the religious extremists but also our state - the Pakistani state and army - that is guilty of atrocities.
– Israeli forces have never been accused of mass rape, but the Bengalis have never forgiven the Pakistani army for what it did in 1971.
– Israel is responsible for abductions and disappearances, but does anyone have an estimate for the number of “disappeared persons” in Baluchistan? One could go on. So instead of riding the high horse of moral purity, it is time for us Pakistanis to reflect upon the crimes of those from within us


Bijjar Baloch said...

I second to Imran, Pakistan's Hypocrisy exposes when Pakistan take up stance in favor of Palestinians but on a very similar situation pakistan behaves exactly like the Israelies.

Just for instance lets compare Gazar with Dera Bugti.

About 180,000 Baloch are living a miserable live similar to the people of Gaza, and exactly like Israel the Pakies have blocked all sort of aid to those Bugti/marri Refugees, UNHCR and OXFAM tried to provide relief goods to those Baloch Refugees.

Bazhad Qureshi said...

Because baloch people are believed to be agents of Mosad, KGB, Indian RAW and every other secret agency of the world, baloch are getting the same kind of treatment as the jews in NAZI camps came to suffer, balochistan as occupied by three countaries makes their cries vanish in these countaries internal caos. balochistan is suffering worse kind of human genocide by all means, children are deing of malnutrition, their is no sign of medical or health facility, assasination is on the verge. recent "Phet" storm hitten areas are in very disasterious conditions, the pakistani people helped the people in earth quake of 2005 but failed to even care for the people of balochistan.

Bijjar Baloch said...

When we talk about Phet an interesting aspect of Pakistani behavior exposes in front of us.

The Marriage of Sania and Shoaib Malik was given 100 times more importance than the destruction of entire 750 KM coast line of Balochistan, where hundreds and thousands of people were displaced, their houses were destroyed and they are now living in open air without any shelter facing 50 Degree Centrigrade of Heat.

The lake of hunza was getting more coverage becoz the pakies were feeling that if this lake breaks the Holy land of Punjab will be among the affected areas, but as the disaster in Balochistan doesnt effect Holy Lands of Punjab so the complete pakistani media and people of Pakistan are completely silent.

Shame of Pakistan and its people.