Sunday, May 9, 2010

Times Square Terror Plot; Toxic Schooling & Irresponsible Media!!!!

The guy who tried to set off a car full of explosives in Times Square New York, Faisal Shazad is a Pakistani. The image of country has already been tarnished by jihad mongers, suicide bombers, anti American rhetoric in the media and to an extent apologetic middle class supporting Taliban list includes Zahid Hamid, Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat, Maria B etc

As student of International Relations, it is generally observed that majority of Pakistanis' are made to believe that whatever ills of Pakistan are because of west, only way to address is to live in isolation and destroy west or USA. To kill or hate rhetoric is fueled in the minds through education system, right wing political groups and an irresponsible media.

Be it 7/11 in UK, 9/11 in US, Mumbai attack, Pakistan is always in the news, initial denials but later everything gets connected to groups or individuals operating in Pakistan.

Experts such as Dr Pervaiz Hoodbhoy believes that it is hate based education system developed during Zia era; toxic schooling and media tutoring are the reasons behind act of Faisal Shahzad and like.

The result of hatred campaign resulted in extreme hatred all across, a private survey carried out by European Embassy based in Islamabad found that only 4% of Pakistanis polled speak well of American and 96% against. In the midst of hate campaign, someone speaks well of US, he or she is labeled an agent.

Dr Hoodbhoy believes that people believe that New York incident is response to drone attacks, drones have killed some innocents but they have devastated militant operations in Waziristan while causing far less collateral damage. It is noticed that we blame everything on US; we never talk about our responsibilities towards democracy, good governance, rights of women and ‘religious & ethnic’ minorities, rule of law, justice and accountability.

How long we ignore basic issues and blame everything on West. Can we afford to live in isolation? Will we benefit if our country becomes Yemen or Afghanistan, producing more Faisal Shahzad!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well written but but I would like to know why this hate based education system work more in Khyber than other parts of Pakistan ? Why all majority of extremists exist in north west frontier only ?

I believe it more to do with interpretation of Quran and culture than education system.

Imran Baloch said...

Tanzeel, thanks for feedback.

To understand the background, one has to look at toxic education in the context of Afghan Jihad and Zia Era. It was done as per state policy.

Pre 80s, we were not extremists, it has nothing to do with anything other than state policy, which is still supported by few in security establishment.

I wish we get rid of the maliase of exremism.

Ahmad said...

Imran Agree with your opinion, we have to clear our own mess that has been allowed to grow in last decades.

Azme Alishan said...

Really...strong actions must be taken against extremism.

Muhammad Ziad Puri said...

This is what Robin Hoodbhoy believes, whereas ignoring the fact that after every Surah the Quraan emphasis on jihad and glorify the killings of Yahood and Nasara.

Toxic education? For Pakistan it might have spurred recently (after 2001) , for the world it was created the day caliphate was destroyed and replaced by the system of kuffar.

One can see that the concept of global jihad is well taken from the fall of the Caliphate.

It was spread into the Subcontinent during the same time when the Ottomon caliphate was threatened , and civil disobedient movements and jihad against the British was declared.

Took a more evolved reform during the Khilafat Movement.

Land was claimed with a false notion of Islam.

Carried to Afghanistan in the 80's.

Evolved more and created people like taliban,al-quaida,faisal etc.

It was never the Zia era, He did not interpret the Quraan.

One who can read can easily understand the meaning of 'do not take yahood and Nasara as your allies' . The misinterpretation would be it does not mean what you read. The correct interpretation is "I can read".

Two things -

The concept of Global jihad was not created in Pakistan but rather due to the events of the 20th century.

Toxic education was not given during the Zia era, it has long existed. Read any literature of the Tabiyeen,Salaf, read anything about syed qutb of the recent era. One would realize that one has to snap out of this false consciousness of Pakistan and extremism and rather rephrase it to Islam is Extreme when cornered. No CIA,RAW,MOSSAD,CHUCK NORRIS funds the extremists.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zahidpuri, so you believe that extremism is innate part of religious preachings as you wrote
"ignoring the fact that after every Surah the Quraan emphasis on jihad and glorify the killings of Yahood and Nasara".

Do you think killing Christians & Jews would serve our purpose on being alive on this planet EARTH.

What is the concept of global Jihad?? is that to kill all non muslims and revive Khilaphat !!!!!!


no wonder we are in deep
trouble.....your thoughts depicts that you are a product of toxic education as you related past with present day Jihad.