Friday, May 28, 2010

Reign of Terror in Lahore!!!!!

It was Friday evening I was at work, as usual I was in weekend mood, before leaving I scanned through news on web, stunned to hear killing of more than 80 innocent people in Pakistani mosque. As per reports attackers fired guns, threw grenades and three militants blew themselves up with suicide vests.The victims belong to Ahmadi sect it is “a minority Islamic sect founded in 1889, Ahmadis believe their own founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, who died in 1908, was a prophet”, they were declared the sect non Muslim in 1974 by the government of Pakistan. Historically they have been subject to sectarian attacks and persecution in Pakistan.

Numbers of religious minorities’ persecution in Pakistan is alarming, a country created in the name of religion. Islam talks of peace but one could easily see intolerance and religious extremism both created for political motives during cold war and irresponsible role of right wing political parties. There are various groups spread hatred, preach violence but they are left alone and in some cases it is blamed that security agencies use them for their political gains. In the end innocent Pakistanis suffer and social fabric gets destroyed.

It is unfortunate, instead of curing the malaise of intolerance, right wing political leaders and media promotes the idea of conspiracy theory ‘apologetic’, some group blame India other blame non state actors supported by US. It is sad; no one talks about the roles and responsibility of state and its lax behaviour towards hate mongers.

It is also unfortunate we as nation always blame West for not allowing scarf, minarets and denying religious freedom. I am witness to grand mosque in southern biblical belt in US, also read that grand mosque is approved near destroyed twin towers in New York.

Minorities are persecuted in Pakistan. Let us put our house in order, get out of barbaric intolerance then compare ourselves with others!!!!!! Wake up Pakistan!!!!!


Pradeep From India said...

Refereshing blog Mr. Baloch. Glad to see sane voices from Pakistan. You know what you guys should do? You should start a "Ahmediyyas are MUSLIMS" campaign. What better way to tell the extremists to buzz off than deny them the very rationale on which they base their attacks? Facebook might be a nice start.

Aliya Shafaq said...

God bless Pakistan.
By the way,i would like you to do more research on what Ahmadis believe,i have friends who are Ahmadies and trust me,they are better Muslims than us.
Things aside,they do believe in Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)as a last Prophet.Mullas are really spreading very wrong concepts about them.
I don't call myself Sunni,Shia or Ahmadi.Iam a muslim and so are Ahmadis,Sunni and Shias.

Every individual must take some step for the betterment of Pakistan.
I appreciate movements like Azme Alishan which is performing its part actively.