Sunday, February 21, 2010

Partying TV Anchors & Morality Brigade!!!

Partying pictures of female TV anchors have lately become the talk of the town, I also received forward email message etc. Asma Shirazi, Meher Bukhari, Saima Mohsin are some of the names attended the party hosted at Diplomatic Enclave. Well, I have never come across any male TV anchor’s drink & dancing pictures. I just forgot that only women are object of sin, they have to confer to the lifestyle suggested by morality brigade with detailed & prescribed limits.

This morality brigade is hypocrite, well religious morality & boundaries of ethics go beyond women. Let me ask simple questions, what about lying, what about back biting, what about tax evasion, what about electricity theft, what about exploiting labor, what about supporting extremists 'who are out there to kill innocents, morality brigade never condemns them', what about supporting dictatorial regimes what about using religious verses for personal gains, what about sexual abuse of students in Madressa.

Apart from dancing anchors, Pakistan’s image is not at all positive and we need to fix various other fundamentals. Just step out of Pakistan, you will realize how others perceive us. To a great extent that perception is true “one may disagree” !!

Who has given morality brigade the authority to decide what is moral and what is immoral!! Well, if these TV anchors are comfortable with certain lifestyle “it’s their fundamental right”, even if they choose not to follow religion & religious morality, It is none of our business, who are we to decide and do social policing???

Well, one may disagree with one country’s policy; criticizes it on TV, yet interact and socialize with diplomatic staff. We are not living in the age when people used to kill on the basis of disagreements. Civilized societies have moved on and with such medieval mindset we may turn back to Stone Age " to an extent we have, wearing modern attire but with stone age mindset" !!!!

For my readers I am sharing these pictures & I want to let them decide & have their own conclusions.


Samra said...

Well the females seem to be enjoying themselves and look ecstatic :) So I don't mind whatever their doing, cuz it's their own right to live any way they want. And I agree with you on this article. Exceptionally well written and well thought, and expressed in precisely the right amount of words! ;) Hehe. Good job IB!

Sujay said...

Nice article.

Hopefully, society will start caring less about policing other's morality and fix their own. As long as they dont hurt others, ppl must be allowed to choose their lifestyles. The real enemy of a society are the Religious Zealots who impose a certain kind of lifestyle on the others.

Sheraz said...

wow....i dont give a damn abt mullahism or watever, i just wish i had been invited in this party...nice girls man...

オテモヤン said...


sameer k said...

yaar,dont sweat, the girlz r just enjoying themselves---however let me allow u in 2 a little secret---dont mean to burst ur bubble but i f--ked saima mohsin in london a few yrs back:)
chill dude:)

Anonymous said...

"Partying TV Anchors & Morality Brigade!!!"

saqib7860 said...

"Partying TV Anchors & Morality Brigade!!!"