Friday, November 27, 2009

Lisa Ray; Simple & Captivating!!!

Lisa is one of the most beautiful girls reminds all of us that beauty is not all about putting alot of make up and wearing heavy jewelry. Her aura is all about simplicity, late thirties but looks gorgeous with captivating looks.

I still remember her cool performance in Bollywood/Hollywood, she has her own individuality.

Her blue eyes make her different but the way she carries herself is superb.

She is beautiful, charismatic, when I see her, only one thing comes in my mind she can never go wrong when it comes to style.

Enough of hardcore politics and intellectual stuff, thought of exploring Masala stuff over weekend to lighten my mood.

Heard she is going to appear in a Masala Movie, fingers crossed.


Liz said...

It also helps that she happens to be really, really beautiful on the surface. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Imran Baloch