Sunday, November 15, 2009

Impressive Adhuna Akhtar , Hot Kareena & Fiery Shive Sena !!!!

My weekend Bollywood scan revolved around Adhuna Akhtar and Kareena Kapoor. Adhuna's individualistic aura impressed me alot, her hair style to dressing sense kept her apart from the crowd. I am always impressed with girls, building their own identity, confidence and self belief. Adhuna lately appeared in a Bollywood grand party, she had the coolest and the most different hairstyle, wearing jeans, loose shirt and also appeared on stage with a guitar. She also runs a saloon, guess she is bit older than Farhan but has her own presence, diverse and different.

On the other hand i was surprised to see angry Shive Sena, i thought only Pakistan has crazy bunch of fundos but India is no more less. Bebo 'Kareena' and Saif's latest movie Kurban poster has been talk of the town. Kareena's bare back annoyed the puritans "Shive Sena", they removed the posters and warned if movie contains sensual scenes they will forcefully stop the movie.I just fail to understand, why select few love doing social policing, we never let people to decide what to watch and what no !! Morality and limits to the acceptance of sensuality are different from person to person. It is sad, a piece of nude sculpture may look vulgar to one but other may find it a piece of art. So, anyways, all eyes glued to Kareena with zero figure in Kurban movie.

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