Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roasters; Stop Throwing Bread Bowls…Consumers Wake Up!!!!!!

Roasters Gourmet Coffee House is one of my favorite dine out places. Lately, I was shocked to hear that left over food is thrown, instead of sharing it with hungry homeless people.

Last week, I was working late; had an interesting discussion with two of my colleagues on various aspects of cruel capitalism and pseudo green branding of brutal blood sucking Multinational Organizations.

I shared a story, how Coke Branded schools in US and disallowed them to discuss anti Coke topics such as their investments in dictatorial African countries!! Discussion moved on with citations on Shells alleged killing of environmental activists in Africa.

One of the colleagues lately tried soup in bread bowl at Roasters Restaurant Zamzama Karachi, no one questions the delicious foods, deserts and aromatic coffee, what bothered my colleague was their throwing of full bread bawl. He was assuming that left bread is shared with homeless on the streets, in the midst of sky rocketing flour prices in the country. When he asked one of the waiters, it was informed that left over breads bowls are not shared with homeless people rather dumped in garbage bin. It shocked him and I was also stunned to hear that.
I still remember that in developed societies consumers have strong power; they go all the way to buy green products or support organizations having strong corporate social responsibility track record. During my Feb 09 US visit to Wall Street, I was surprised to get to know about Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

These restaurants exist because of the consumers, if we question, influence restaurants, small step may force them to share the left over food with homeless and it would make a difference.

It may a beginning but as consumers, we can force organizations to act in responsible manner.

Just think about it, we can make a difference!!!

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Favad said...

Thank you for highlighting the issue. We often wonder what we in individual capacity can do, and this is an opporunity. I guess, this consumer feedback should definitely go to roaster's and likes. However, the important consideration remains if we as consumers are willing to change our lifestyle habits.