Friday, October 2, 2009

Indians Please Do Not Urinate; Else I Will Kill You !!!

It is a story of an Indian man who was shot dead in a brawl over urinating near a petrol station in Dehli. A 22 year old guy got into a brawl when an employee of petrol station objected guys to not to urinate. Brawl heated up and station guard killed the guy.

Spitting and urinating in public is against basic civic manners, in general, South Asia society (Crowd) lack manners.

You drive on the streets of Karachi, Pan spitting and urinating is so common, it is an ordeal esp when someone visits abroad for a week or so and comes back. Aaah, one can see the marked difference, we simply lack basic manners.

One may agree that there is dearth of public urinals but still, we have a long way to go when it comes to basic manners.

When I was in Tokyo, I came across manners police, for a while I thought, If manners police land in South Asia, over one billion people would have been charged.

It was hilarious to read that some places people put up gods and goddesses pricture to deter people from urinating and spitting.


Hassam said...

My friend, im in scotland right now, and guess what i saw yesterday? a man urinating not on the side of a street, but khulam khula street par...he was totally drunk!! so bad manners and badtameezi are something that are totally cross cultural :)

Imran Baloch said...

LOL Good one Hassam :) Agreed.

But that man would be one isolated Drunk case but unlike South Asians LOL.