Monday, October 5, 2009

The Love Life of LUMS Students !!

Lately i came across an interesting blogpost on Daily Dawn blog, it is about Love Life of LUMS Students. As LUMS student i recall our discussions on thriving liberal and conservative value system at LUMS. Blog raises various questions which may be relevant to our society at large, here is blog;

The campus of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is famous for being a bubble environment where risqué fashion trends are explored and high-school soap operas come to life in the midst of hijab-clad women and the bearded folk from LUMS Religious Society. To an outsider visiting LUMS, or possibly visiting Pakistan for the first time, this campus might seem at first encounter like the ideal multicultural environment akin to an ancient city-state where all live in harmony with tolerance.

However, as anyone with a deeper relationship with the campus or its student body can tell you, things aren’t so rosy at LUMS. In fact, the campus often seems divided between conservative, retro-revisionists and ultra-modern, party-hopping, next-generation liberals. Recently, what was previously a silent divide, became verbose on the LUMS campus mail system following a mass message sent out by a conservative student fed up with all the on-campus indecency she’s had to deal with.....................................(click following link for complete read)
Top Pakistan university to ban kissing ( Christian Science Monitor)

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