Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brasil! La La La La Brasil! Let Olympic Go Wild on Rio Beaches!!

Carnival city Rio de Janerio has been chosen to host the 2016 Olympic. I have always loved Brazilian Samba, I wish I could attend the Olympic there, a nation, fueled with sporting zeal.

Sun writes “After the announcement, over 50,000 samba dancing locals, waving green, blue and yellow national flags gathered on the beach for a wild victory party”.

The best moment was when Brazilian legend Pele was close to tears during Olympic speech.

The best part is, Brazil would be the first South American to host Olympic.

The interesting part was, Tokyo and Chicago were eliminated, people like Obama flew to back Chicago but all in vein.

Brazil is going to make a history, it has money, infrastructure, culture and fun.

I am sure Rio is going mesmerize the world with its cultural charm.

I would say, let Olympic GO WILD in Brazil.

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