Thursday, September 24, 2009

Indian Cricket Team, Have Sex and Play Better Cricket!!!!

Indian cricket team coach has shared a document with the team so that they become more aggressive, successful in the field. Advice is to have more sex.

Coach Kristen believes that sexually active players can perform well on pitch, as per him even if the players do not have partners; they simply need to imagine they are with their partner. In other words, simply release the sperms and indulge into masturbation.

Newspaper report quote that in four page document, Kristen says “having more sex will increase testosterone levels, which in turn will increase the players' strength, aggression and competitiveness. Not having sex for a few months can cause a significant drop in aggression levels”.Let us see how Indians are going to perform in South Africa, let us see how much sex mantra of coach Kristen would work for Indian cricket team.

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