Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colorful Pakistani Roads!! Adding Cultural Beauty !!

Pakistan is all known for extremism, terrorism and violence in international media. Streets of Pakistan depict a colorful life, culture, arts and friendly people. I still remember my Japan journey; I discovered they are the only nations in the world who takes the toilet seriously. I came across high tech toilets with weird buttons.

Every place has its own aura, when I was in Charlotte, North Carolina, I came across SUVs with truck tires, heavy and lifted, amazingly intriguing to look at altered monster trucks.

When it comes to trucks, Pakistani truck owners/drivers take it seriously; they are art and color aficionado. Hino, Volvo or Nissan trucks are produced with simple design and colors; truck owners/drivers alter the complete look with colors, bright stickers and not to forget street poetry, at times very funny.

Trucks are so integral parts of our society; I came across a female boutique, a designer wear named Golabo using truck arts on fabric.

Colors of Pakistan are interesting and intriguing to explore beside the media hype and negative projection of Pakistan. There is a lot out there hidden in Pakistan to add cultural colors to the beauty of world.


Rehan Khan said...
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Rehan Khan said...

ohh nice its really amazing i never see before it ...
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