Friday, September 18, 2009

Aderbayor ; Banned for Manchester Derby..So Sad !!

Aderbayor’s stamping Robin Van Persie costs him three match ban. It is so sad that he did it with his former team mate.

There is a lot of post controversy being reported in the media, Manchester City guy roared; "There is only so much abuse a man can take until he reaches breaking point."

Another interesting thing everyone noticed and Adebayor sadly shared with media that;
  1. Arsenal players refused to shake his hand before the game.

  2. He suffered 60 minutes of non-stop abuse from away fans before he turned the tables on them with his goal.

  3. His £25million summer move from Arsenal was completed by Arsene Wenger behind his back.
  4. It wasn't my fault I left, it was Arsene who wanted to accept the offer for me.

I never knew Arsene phsued him out of Arsenal, such a sad episode.

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