Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Male Prostitution; An Increasing Phenomenon in Pakistan!!

Prostitution in any form is looked down upon in civilized societies, largely termed illegal in most of the countries across the globe.

In the past we heard about the women prostitutes but male prostitution is becoming a grim reality. I came across a documentary on BBC regarding the prostitution in Pakistan. I was shocked to hear the recent phenomenon of Male or Gay prostitution, documentary claims that male prostitution is not a recent phenomenon but increasing day by day. Report suggests that British Explorer Richard Burton, who visited long before, documented a male brothel in Karachi. It is believed that many large cities have become virtual gay red light areas. Report says that clientele is from every class, age group and profession.

Documentary shows, homosexual men belonging to upper or middle class pick guys from restaurant, video game shop, cinema, parks, railway stations etc.
It was intriguing to note that black tinted glasses cars are mainly used; most of them have sex with guys in the back seat. Documentary shows, many guys get into this profession to save enough money to go abroad.

Male prostitutes are in the range of 15 to 25 years of ages; largely afghan refugee kids are involved due to economic conditions. Most of the guys have little education and earn around Rs 7,000 per month.
On the other hand male prostitution in elite is in vogue, mainly influenced by western society and movies. Report shows private farm house Orgy parties are held in the suburban towns of large cities.

Sex with consent was allowed until 1979 but afterward it was termed illegal and criminal act.

Social sickness is breeding many problems; male prostitution is one of its kinds, adding to social misery, disturbing social order.

Incest and AIDS spread are few underground exploding issues people are unaware. Every passing day our society is turning ugly, time will tell, what is next out there for us???


Anonymous said...

any proof of this or just heresay.dunt tell me u got up one morning and decided to make up stories about male prostituion.if u want to write a blog write in complete detail not just make bnelieve stories

Imran Baloch said...

Hahahhaha, read SAHIL Magazine, Check out BBC Urdu Web, Read Hassan Mujtaba.....

Its talk of the town, dont raise eyebrows....there is so much happening outthere...you just need to read my friend.

Selene said...

really that's shocking! :o

S. F. Shahzad said...

That's a dilemma of our society that we put all our efforts to hide bullshit unless it spreads everywhere, well done Imran, at least someone raised his finger towards an issue...... let's stop that we will start discussing issues soon rather than " raising eyebrows".

Utopian said...

Very sad. All of us think that things like these aren't happening around us. We just close our eyes and think that evil is not here. well pointed out

john the baptist said...

check on manjam.com to find loads of young Pakistani men prostituting themselves.....words to look for are escorts. There is a persian/Pakistani guy in islamabad F 10 by the name of Raja Parvez who provides young afghan boys to "older men" as escorts......sick making parasite of a man exploiting young hopeless afghan boys

uncle said...

Interesting blog. Here's the scenario from across the border.

Male prostitution is quite common in big Indian cities.You just need to look into the classifieds for 'escort services' or 'massage services' offering 'full satisfaction'.

I've met quite a few (don't ask how). Contrary to the image of suffering young boys who are exploited by heartless pimps, these guys are NOT the exploited kind. They know exactly what they are doing and why.

They are generally college kids who want the extra buck for that fancy phone (one had a Nokia N97) to impress girlfriends or to party at nightclubs.

Some are gay (and come cheap) while others are straight and willing to do it with men for the right price.

The straight ones are usually well built (the result of spending hours in the gym) and aim to eventually become models or break into bollywood. In the meantime, till they get that big break, they offer 'full satisfaction' to men who pay well.

Another interesting trivia - for those who care about such data - is that they tend to be muslims. So far I've come across only one christian and a handful of hindus in the past so many years.

The muslim boys - with their muscles and all - can be quite amusing. One guy would remove his taviz before servicing clients. All of them will, once the deed is done and before payment is taken, will have a bath like all good muslims.

Possibly one reason for the disproportionate number of muslims in this line, is that muslim boys are more likely to aim for a future in modelling or bollywood (easy money) rather than becoming an engineer or a doctor (too much work).

Imran Baloch said...


Thanks alot for enlightening us to the Indian angle of Male Prostitution.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am not wonder !

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