Sunday, August 30, 2009

Imran Dating Avantika!

Aamir is one of my school time favorite, when he stunned everyone with his debut in Qayamat Say Qayamat Tak. Imran, his nephew became a star even before the release of 'Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na'. Well, he has already immense female fan following and usually get mobbed by his female admirers.

Imran is already into relationship with a girl who he met almost six years back. Avantika is the daughter of Vandana Malik, who heads the TV 18 Network operations in Mumbai. They both met at a mutual friend's house about five years and eight months ago to be precise, in Mumbai. Once they were introduced to each other at the party, to everyone's surprise, they got so involved in talking to each other that they forgot to talk to anyone else! They just didn't realize when time passed. "We know each other for almost six years now and they have been fantastic.
What I like about this relationship, unlike other Bollywood stars, Imran doesn’t keep his relationship private. Long way to go for couple .

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