Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey Girl, Don’t Wear Jeans or Face 40 Lashes on Your Butt!!!

It is simply absurd to convict a woman for wearing trousers in public, calling it un-Islamic or indecent.

Whenever I come across such news, one question comes in my mind, why the hell various laws in Muslim societies are used only to harass women i.e., Hudood Law etc.

In Sudan, thousands of Muslim women are punished with 40 lashes for wearing trousers!!

Reuters says “A Sudanese woman facing 40 lashes for wearing trousers in public made her first appearance in a court .There were chaotic scenes as Lubna Hussein, a former journalist who works for the United Nations, attended the hearing wearing the same green slacks that got her arrested for immodest dress.Indecency cases are not uncommon in Sudan, where there is a large cultural gap between the mostly Muslim and Arab-oriented north and the mainly black and Christian south.But Hussein has attracted attention by publicizing her case, inviting journalists to hearings and using it to campaign against dress codes sporadically imposed in the capital.Thousands of women are punished with lashes in Sudan but they stay silent. A number of women arrested and had received lashes.

I fail to understand why Muslim Cleric only Police women, they seem to be women phobic. Ironically they think women is a sex toy, they tarnish the sanctity of womanhood.

It pisses me off when they say guys follow religion; reward would be 70 beautiful women, unending ejaculation, and a stream of unending sexual orgasm.

Who says, Dark Age is over???? World is still looking for a renaissance!!


Anonymous said...

"Who says, Dark Age is over???? World is still looking for a renaissance!! "

haha clever!

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