Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally, Sexual Rights for Prisoners in Pakistan!!!

Finally, recent ruling allowed prisoners to have sex in Pakistani jails, along with privacy !!!! Sex is a taboo subject in Pakistan, if someone talks or writes about it; most of the people raise their eyebrows. Pakistan is a country with one of the highest childbirth ratio in the region. Sex is one of the popular leisure hobbies in the country; we keep producing babies yet deny talking about sex and sexual rights.

Finally, a sane Islamic court has ruled that prisoners in jails across the country must have greater conjugal rights and visits from spouses

Very logical conclusion based on the argument that, “lack of conjugal rights was behind rising levels of homosexual sex and drug addiction in jails”.

Another interesting aspect of the ruling, it asserts that there are no facilities in any jail across the country and privacy is the need of the hour and authorities were ordered to construct facilities so that families can meet with the necessary seclusion.

At last, as sane society we are moving away from ostrich syndrome, trying to address taboo subject in a rationale manner.

Hope sanity continues ……

1 comment:

Saba said...

I hope protection is included in the facilities as well.
But trust me, in a while prostitutes will show up as the prisoners' spouse.