Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fellow Pakistanis; I Want to Laugh Out Loud & Run Towards Jungle!!!!

This is the story of January 1999, when police arrests Raj Masih for alleged sale of illegal alcoholic beverages, a resident Shanti Nagar village of Khanewal District in South Punjab, Pakistan.

Police searches Raj’s house but could not find any alcoholic bottle, however during search operation, Bible was thrown on the ground, and it was sheer disrespect. Village Christian community came on the streets in protest, local administration dismissed few Policemen. Later, Police threatened them with dire consequences if Christians decline to withdraw case.

After three weeks on 5th February, a mosque in Shanti Nagar announces that Christians desecrate the Holy Quran, and few pages were found near the mosque. News spreads like fire in the jungle; around 20,000 people from 14 neighboring villages gathered and marched towards two villages Shanti Nagar & Tobba. In Khanewal city and in two villages around 1,500 houses and shops were torched, 12 Churches, one Hospital and One Dispensary was completely destroyed and 12 women were raped. As per Friday Times Magazine, police asked local Christians to leave their houses for safety, later allowed attackers to openly destroy everything. Human Right Commission termed the incident, one of the worst in the history of Pakistan.

Let’s move on.

This is the story of November 2005, about Faisalabad’s suburban village of Sangla Ball, where 90% of population is Muslim and 10% Christian. Yusaf Masih, wins hefty amount playing at an underground gambling center, losers were two Muslims. Next day one of losing gambler runs towards the mosque carrying an old Holy Quran, alleging that Yusaf Masih desecrated it and burnt few pages. News spreads like fire, around 1,500 people gathered, they torched 12 Houses, 5 Churches, 3 Schools, and 1 Dispensary was completely destroyed in protest.

Three months later, Anti Terrorist Court in Lahore set Yusaf Masih free, concluding that not enough evidence was produced to prove Yusaf guilty. Around 80 people, arrested for destroying the houses, were also freed, not enough evidences were produced.

Christians comprise of 1.5% of total Pakistan population. Since the inception of Blasphemy law, around 1,000 people have been convicted, out of which 90% were Christians. People believe that behind such allegations, real story relates to women, personal & political grudges, land feud & religious hatred. Blasphemy law is so sensitive, it simply requires an allegation. Before the legal proceedings, Pakistani Muslims decide the fate of alleged person. Generally, in such incidents last person to arrive on the scene would be Police.

In very few cases the crime is proved, however no one has ever been convicted for falsely alleging someone due to personal reasons. In many cases, alleged were freed but forced to leave the village or country. It is also well known that various alleged were also killed in the police confinement in the jail.

One element has added to whole drama, in the past, only alleged person was attacked but now whole community is chased, attacked and brutalized. Gojrah incident is a prime example of such communal attack.

In this context;

1) Whenever, media condemns the Jewish attack on Muslim population in Palestine.
2) Whenever local intellectuals call Bosnian Genocide in the hands of Serbs, a barbaric Christian act against Muslim.
3) Whenever our foreign office reminds us the killing of 2,000 Muslims in Gujarat in the hands of Hindu fanatics.
4) Whenever, cleric prays to God for helping helpless Muslims.

I feel like tearing my shirt off, laughing out loud and running towards jungle.

This blog published in Urdu on BBC website, written by Wusatullah Khan, it is so intriguing, that I ended up translating it in English.


Anonymous said...

Hey Boss,

That made very interesting reading.....Although I cant read or write Urdu, seems that your translation has had desired effect.

Must say that we Muslims in India are living dignified life in all respects.


Imran Baloch said...

Dear Altaf,

Its a sad reality that minorities are supressed in Pakistan.

Glad to read your feedback on the plight of Indian Muslims.

Keep reading and thanks for the feedback.

Hope sanity prevails.


hamza said...

Hey dear,

Your writing r realy interesting as your blog is. Keep exposing the cruel face of our society.

Anonymous said...

Dear Imran

Let me explain. Indian society is so interwooven that religious differences are never felt. For example, Hindu festivals are celebrated where majority of festive goods suplliers are Muslims. During Diwali, the crackers sellers are Muslims. For Durga pooja or Ganapati festival, the Shamiana or Bamboo suppliers are Muslims. These suppliers are providing services to set of Hindu groups for decades and brotherly bond is built.

Thus even if Gujarat haapens, it dies down its own death, and my Hindu client knocks on my door and says "Altafbhai Chai Wai toh Pilao yaar, Shamianeka kya hua"

This is what I wanted to share...


shah said...

Hey Boss
Just quoting one or two bad instances doesn't mean Minorities are not protected.

Where in the whole world, minorities are given the right to vote twice?

U have just shown the darker side of the picture. If that is the case, then I can quote hundreds of instance of the "PEACE FULL" Indian.

I live in Dubai and meet many indian muslims daily, and the stories they tell me about indian muslim security, well I don't want to comment to avoid any debate to start.

If these Hindus were so brotherly to U, why the came in Millions to destroy UR holy Baberi Masjid, now don't tell me it was a political stunt, I know it all.

Guys, broaden ur vision, and to the indians please don't look always for commenting bad about Pakistan,

Regards to all

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