Friday, July 3, 2009

Living in the Middle of the Ocean...Wow

I still remember few words of Steve Jobs, APPLE CEO, Stay Foolish and Stay Hungry. It seems foolishness is the key to innovation, to force oneself to think out of the box.

Today i came across an intriguing housing concept, a community in the middle of the wish i could get to live on a floating structure with my kinda people.

Report says "Seasteading, a term derived from combining "sea" and "homesteading", is a general term given to the notion of either converting existing structures, such as old boats or disused oil rigs, or custom-building new ones to allow people to live in the middle of the ocean. Generally, this also includes the interrelated goal of establishing a sovereign state on the open seas, away from any existing governmental structures on dry land"..
Let's see where future takes us all.

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