Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buying Beauty ! Inspirational Natasaha Suleman

Beauty and weight are inseparable !!! I remember many girls used to study with me at the university, few of them have put on weight and their look was completely changed. Some of them maintained their weight; they even look younger than their age.

In general people find strong correlation between weight and beauty. It does not mean that people with excess weight are not pretty, i have few friends they look damn hot, cute young face, in spite of their weight. Of course, cool personality makes a person desirable irrespective of looks and weight.

Today I was reading an interesting story in Sun Newspaper, a girl Natasha Suliman, who works in the store’s kitchens and bathrooms department, slimmed down in a year to land a glamour title. The 22-year-old created her own diet and went from a 14st size 18 to a size eight. She was put forward for the Miss Carmarthenshire title by her bosses in Llanelli. Now single Natasha is in the finals of Miss Wales and featuring in the DIY chain’s TV ads. She said: “I saw my reflection and decided it was time for a change.”

Is beauty skin deep????, or its all about weight???? my friend , to me inner beauty makes the difference, hotness has strong correlation with the overall personality not the size of the body !

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