Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Wear Please!

Its scorching heat in Karachi, over 40 degree Celsius, people are wearing dark colors, esp. black. Instead of cotton or lighter clothes I see women wearing heavy clothes with dark colors during the day. I think about these words “Summer Wear Please”.

In spite of scorching heat, trendy and smart clothes are out there, one just needs to have right eye and one should wear anything that is light weight.

I came across an interesting article, it says “The color for this summer is white — off-whites, pearly whites or prints on white background. Of course the other light colours of mango yellow, lemon yellow, light pink etc, will be seen. But the colour of 2009 summer would be white”.

In other article, fashion gurus suggest wearing Italian cotton; it is the trendiest fabric for this summer. The good part about the fabric is that it is shimmery; one could also wear it in the evening. To my office-going friends, it definitely suits them. I found few at Khadi outlet, I guess, not sure.

During my recent business visit to various textile mills, I found people are suggesting silk, cotton, linen, lycra are still in vogue.

When it comes to men’s fashion I always go for earthy sublime colors, I saw few of my female friends wearing earthy color, and off white trousers, look trendy and cool .

During my recent shopping spree in US, Tommy Hilfiger inspired me a lot, I guess I bought over 6 six shirts from there. In his collection sturdy cotton treatments are used throughout this line in colours such as red, white and blue to give a line of rugby, polo, Oxford shorts.

Today I saw few dresses in Daily Dawn, few of them inspired me a lot, long thick laces wrapped across waste, little up between belly button and bra, are trendy these days along with straight line on the bottom of the shirt.


Shafaq said...

ok ok i get the hint :P

Imran Baloch said...

Good girl ;)

FM Baluch said...

Yes, Shopkeepers who are selling summer clothes will be happy to read this article :)