Friday, May 1, 2009

Designers Mask & Swine Flu

Business school always teach, marketing of products at times is easy in bad times than good ones. That's what we see in various parts of US, Swine Flu outbreak has increased the sale of masks all across.

The worst affected area is the New York Metropolis, i am sure CVS 'Drug Store' must be running out of masks. During crisis, as mask sales tripled, there are creative marketeer out there coming up with innovative designers mask or in some cases free masks with various companies logo on it.

I still remember when i first landed in Japan las year, saw various people wearing masks all around, its the part of Japanese culture to wear mask in public in the case of any sort of flu. However, i did not find any designer masks.

The outbreak of Swine has provided an avenue for marketing in crisis. I like the way creative marketeers think esp in the time of crisis.

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