Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beautiful Swat Valley in Tears; Half a Million People Displaced

Everyone cheers up the Swat Valley military operation in Northern parts of Pakistan. I am all for extreme action against Taliban but the human cost of any extreme action haunts me.

I still remember when Pak army started military action against Baloch nationalists; only in Dera Bugti it displaced 80,000 people. Similarly full scale army assault may result in as many as half a million internally displaced people in Swat.

It is also reported that Taliban are trying to stop civilians leaving the area, they may use them as human shield.

I also lament the tunnel vision of government, amid confusion they signed peace agreement with Taliban and after intense US pressure a full scale action is started. They should have clear vision instead of on and off knee jerk reaction.

I agree with US that the militants in the area pose a direct threat to regional security, and have demanded they be confronted.

US has allocated millions of dollars for internally displaced people, it is the government’s responsibility to take care of elderly, women and children to minimize the human cost of the military action.

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