Sunday, May 17, 2009

Awesome Eurovision Song Contest; Completely Entertaining Talent

American Idol is one of my weekend TV interest along with EPL soccer but this time Eurovision kept me busy. One can simply say awesome contest and entertaining talent.

A boyish looking 23 year old Norwegian singer mesmerized Europe with amazing performance; it was the most watched event across Europe, live from Moscow.

"Fairytale," penned and performed by 23-year-old fiddler Alexander Rybak, blew away competition from Iceland's Yohanna, who finished second, and Azerbaijan's AySel & Arash, who was third, with a folksy melody to the accompaniment of an acrobatic dance routine and two blonde female support singers.

Russia did try to capitalize on the prestigious event to showcase nation’s hospitality and growing role in modern society.

Rybak performance greeted with applause, he entertained crowd with his sweet voice. India is trying to bring in musical contests in local fashion; even Arab world involves all regional countries with captivating voice.

Sadly Pakistan is engulfed with extremism, missing out so much, even crowd is denied of sporting activities such as Cricket. It is really challenging for youth to live in a society which is dry, boring and volatile.

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