Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why Awe Inspiring Susan Made me Cry!

I never had tears of joy but Susan’s performance made me cry because of her unexpected awe inspiring performance.
I cry because she reminds us to hope, to never lose track of our dreams, to keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter what others say or think. She gives us hope.

American Idol is an amazing talent hunt show, showcasing inspirational talent from all across US to various regions. One may wonder, could Brits ever be part of talent show!

But Susan Boyle, a lady in late 40s inspired the crowd with her mesmerizing talent in " Britain's Got Talent Show". When Simon asked Susan, what she wanted to become, she replied, 'Professional Singer' and crowd started laughing…….’ thinking, how could a lady in late 40s having a goal of becoming professional singer……was funny to most of them;.

Susan sang I Dreamed a Dream, when she was on stage, everyone was against her, laughing and making fun.

The crowd murmured, a sea of skeptics, readying themselves for a likely-abysmal performance from a self-delusional joke of a woman. Instead, Susan Boyle lifted hearts, incited tears, and received an almost immediate standing ovation.

The YouTube of Boyle's performance has seen over 7 million hits since Saturday, an insane number. While we should not all get crazy and call Susan the best singer in the world, the fact that a 48-year-old unemployed church volunteer can strut on stage in front of a massive audience and deliver a surprise sonic boom to the earth is more than uplifting. I learned one thing, one has to have strong resolve and self belief that world is full of skeptics, everyone just try to let you down……but Susan’s performance is a fresh air in the world of skeptics.

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