Monday, April 27, 2009

Cute Balochi Pashk ‘Female Dress’ Goes to Bollywood!

Dress is one of the most important representations of the uniqueness of a nation. Cute Pashk is one of the connecting aspects of the people of Baluchistan, along with land, language and history. I remember, lately I was in Tokyo, Japan; I saw how Japanese girls were proud of their traditional dress KIMONO.

I still remember when I checked in Imperial Palace Hotel in Tokyo, right across the Emperor Palace around GINZA, first thing I noticed, girls wearing cultural KIMONO, at the reception, even university convocation was also being held at the hotel, every one was in traditional KIMONO. My host informed me that traditional dress means a lot to people, it connects everyone, binds the nation; it is the power of dress that plays a role of common unifying factor of nationhood.

Lately, Slumdog Millionaire movie premier attracted millions, even I during my recent US visit, almost in top 5 States, 90% of cinema halls were playing Slumdog Millionaire. When I saw famous Shabana Azmi in Balochi dress at the movie premiere , it was like a fresh air to me, soothing to eyes and satisfying moment to see cute Pashk ‘Balochi Dress’ going Bollywood. At this juncture of historic struggle of Baloch nation, this picture means a lot to all of us. I remember many of my close friends forwarded and shared the picture with sheer joy and pride.

Shabana was wearing the dress, is called Kalati Doch, and it is a Tarho/Tadho (Tarho means the Chageen/embroidery is made on canvas then fitted on the shirt) This Kalati Tarho, of Shabana Azmi, is an old and traditional in design. Its front pocket is called Goptaan or Pandol.

There are several types of doch (balochi embroidery done on pashk). There’s Kapnaal doch, Rind doch, Banor-e-Ans (Bride’s Tear), Gul -e- Kantuk, Badshah-e-Taj (King’s Crown), Taidok, Pazep, Neza, Chandan-e-Haar, Gul-e-Nimash, et al

The patterns on Balochi dress seems artistic and unique in nature, I wish the art survives and cute Pashk attracts many more all around.

All simply gives me joy and pride.

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