Friday, April 10, 2009

Amazing 4x4 Karachi Offroaders!!

The 4x4 Offroaders Club of Karachi are an eclectic collection of friends and their families who love the outdoors and, of course, four wheeling. I was amazed to see the love for adventure expedition in Pakistan in organized way.

I was surprised to see the breathtaking hidden beauty of various places of Pakistan especially Balochistan, the Rocky Mountains, water falls, green farmlands and all rivers provide an excellent place for adventure outdoors.

Last week I met an interesting person Taimur Mirza, one of the founding members of the club and he shared amazing photos and club philosophy along with love for simple and welcoming people of Balochistan.

I met Taimur over a lecture, we all gathered to hear a German Archeologists at Goethe Institute Karachi on Ancient Balochistan, an Archeological Perspective. Also met an American Medical Anthropologist, she is originally from beautiful mountains of Colorado but lived in San Francisco. She had been living in Pakistan over 12 years, came as Fulbright Scholar to study Afghan and Pakistan.

She shared the same thoughts about Pakistani society, what I felt about Americans. She found, people here are very friendly, real friends, she enjoys living here and she is of the opinion that perceptions are always wrong and scattered violence and crime happens everywhere. To her human connection keep the people moving in true spirit, anywhere and everywhere.

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