Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stop This Nonsense; Hot Pakistani Girls in Private!!!

I am already sick and tired of hypocrite Pakistani’s, wearing a social mask, twin faced…..deeply engrossed with desire to become moral police for society.

On and off I get forward email from various ‘so called educated MAINLY GUYS’ mails usually carry a title, HOT LUMS BABES, PAKI GIRLS IN PRIVATE, SALMAN TASEER FAMILY blah blahhhhhh.

If one looks at all these forward mails, these are normal pictures; one may take such pictures with family or friends. Even at times I get clips of family wedding dance functions……

Everything makes me think that how sick our society is??? These guys get horny with normal pictures; it shows that sexual sickness is deeply affecting the society.

Lately, normal pictures of Salman Taseer’s family was hot email forward across Pakistan, to me those pictures were normal family pictures…why the hell society wants to decide, what Salman and his family should wear in private, how should they celebrate family functions……….why the hell this moral policing?

I am sad to see a lot of LUMS girl’s pictures, in normal dresses in forward mails….its common …..girls wear trendy and tight dresses without scarf or Dopatta at LUMS……but these horny guys don’t spare these simple pictures……

Maturity may come with more social education, open discussions…….but I don’t see any change happening……to me more frustration and sickness would be the plight of society….

Girl schools are burnt across Sawat…..lets see how long will it take to bring Taliban kind of rule across Pakistan…

To me these sick people treat women as commodity, a product for sexual pleasure……………disgusting & sick society……

Even guys go & perform HAJJ , seems they come back more horny & more frustrated…..may be Muslims have got very strong libido & sexual power…….everything revolves around sex….All these MUSLIM religious or social figures be it past or present have or had over 100 wives.

Even these TABLEGHI guys, I once had a chance to meet, they were all mentioning that…hey Imran DEEN KAY RASTAY PAY CHAL PARO “ follow the path of religion” and you would get 70 beautiful babes in Heaven… will have unending ejaculation and orgasm……

I am all confused…..and feel disgusted the way religion is portrayed and the way follower of Islam act…..


Malik Siraj Akbar said...

nice observations. I fully agree with you. This can change, if you allow me to borrow a veteran cliche, only with more education, discussion and social liberty. No matter how much education you impart among the MCPs, they will never change and will continue to treat women as commodities for sexual pleasure.

Imran Baloch said...

Siraj...its sad isnt it....the way Women are treated in our country.... Hope they will get due respect as human being....

Liz said...

"Even guys go & perform HAJJ"

I have no idea what that means. Anyway this is what sexual repression brings. When that scumbag, low life (not a compliment in the U.S.) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to the U.S. and said there were no homosexuals in his country, the students laughed out loud in his face. Of course there are homosexuals in his country. What does he think the men are doing behind closed doors until they marry and of course some of them even LIKE it. HA!

Hillary Clinton as secretary of state is already talking about the way women are treated in the middle east. Speaking as a women, I'm blessed to be a westerner.

Imran Baloch said...

Even guys go and perform Hajj ....Hajj is an important ritual in Islam. As per belief after the Hajj rituals, one gets purified and strongly follows religion...practically all in vain....because of twin faced society...

Liz, even one of my good friend lament to be born as female in Pakistan.

She is liberal, educated and cool girl yet feels the pressure to be born as female in Pakistan.

I feel sad to see the plight of women in Muslim world, at least western women have basic freedom, however, exceptions are there….

I guess my US visit will enlighten me regarding the western women.

Awais said...

Very well-pointed out. Our society is becoming frustrated to the point of perversion.

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Darken Dust said...

Wow buddy.... I am totally impressed by your view point. Nice and truthful point of view.

I don't want to comment more on the writing because you told what ever was in my mind never thought of writing it.........

Hope people will understand that humanitarianism is much more important than all these religion. I am not degrading any religion only want to say that people should prioritise their their preferences in right way, i.e. humanity before color, religion and state...