Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can Anyone Listen to Kainat Soomro’s Plea, Her Cry And Her Pain!!!

It has just been few days I came across sad story of the sexual abuse of innocent Baloch girl Zarina Marri in Army custody in Karachi, her cry already haunt & making every Baloch sleepless. Today, yet another story of one of the daughter of Sind shared by the deposed Chief Justic Mr Iftekhar Chaudhri at City Court on 17th Jan 09.It is extremely ugly and make me feel ashamed of calling myself a citizen of so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan instead It would be right to call it Barbaric Tribe of Pakistan.

Dawn newspaper story says “The suffering of Kainat Soomro was only beginning when, on January 10 this year, four men of Jatoi clan raped her. Heinous as that crime was, no less atrocious was the attitude of police officers as she sought to register a case against her assailants and seek some semblance of justice. In the months since then, 13-year-old Soomro and her family have had opportunities to settle the case out of court but the courageous girl and her supportive family refuse to accept anything less than justice, which they hope the courts will dispense.

A student of Class VIII, Soomro was abducted when she went to buy bangles for her niece from a nearby shop. The shopkeeper used anaesthetics to render her unconscious and “he and his fellows raped me for three consecutive days,” says Soomro in a choked voice. “Later, I was taken to another place where other men raped me.”

The young girl managed to escape and was brought back home by a driver who knew her father. In the relevant medical report, doctors confirmed that she had been raped yet the police, when approached, refused to take any steps in this regard. Soomro’s misfortune was doubled by the fact that her rapists were men who were influential in her hometown of Meharh in Dadu district.
I wait for the day when Muslim society start respecting women, instead of treating them a commodity and sex toy.


Awais said...

You have high-lighted a very important news, which few people have paid attention to.

This painting in the post, do you know its title and the artist?

Anonymous said...

A sessions court on Thursday acquitted all the four accused allegedly involved in the gang rape of a girl in district Dadu in 2007.

District and Sessions Court South Judge Faheem Ahmed Siddiqui ordered acquittal of all the four accused, who were prosecuted in the gang rape case of Kainat Somro, as the prosecution failed to prove its case against the defendants.
i m so sorry..

Fariha Akhtar said...

Stories like these make my heart cry...I feel helpless and hopeless! Restoration of CJP has made zero difference in the life of common Pakistani. Mighty still rules and walks over the weaker!

Update: Kainat's brother got murdered. News came out just a few hours back.

Anonymous said...

a day will come when all our sufferings will end and that day will be the judgement day. All such kind of incidents are exams from Allah to judge how we behave. We all should stand with kainat on the death of his brother