Saturday, December 20, 2008

Women in 40s Gives Birth to her 18th Baby; Uff Increasing Christians Population; Hmmm But Mujahid Bachay Jitnay Hooon Achay!

I still remember when I was passing by some railway station in Lahore I came across anti population control marketing tag line on the wall, “Mujahid Bachay Jitnay Hooon Achay” to promote more baby production.

We also lament that it’s the western conspiracy esp. the Polio Drops; everyone is geared against Muslims so we could not produce Mujahid Kids and west could surpass Mujahid population.

I came across an interesting news in Guardian ‘UK Paper’ ‘Women in 40s Gives Birth to her 18th Baby’, I am sure our Mujahid fellow would go deep in depression and may think of giving them tough time ‘tit for tat’….maulvi friends, damnit, go ahead and produce Mujahids, we are falling behind.

Report says “Officials in Russia and Italy, who bemoan their countries' low birth rates, must be casting envious eyes at Michelle Duggar, a 42-year-old Arkansas woman who has given birth to her 18th child”.

The Duggars have their own official website where they tell the world of how they gave up the pill because it was un-Christian. Hmmmmm guys, you also get rid of un Islamic pills and give Duggar family a tough competition…oooooh I forgot Muslims are allowed to have four wives, hmmm more chance of producing Mujahid: P

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