Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aamir (2008), Thriller Masterpiece, Highly Recommended

Aamir is one of the best movies I have come across lately, one of the friends described that “it is a Movie with a striking impact. Only for people who can rise above their petty religions and affiliations. In this land of fantasy cinema of song and dance, it comes as a refreshing change, the message is passed with intellectual finnese above ordinary coupled with a rugged execution.

Good to find another director in the league of Mr Kashyap.

The TV star Rajeev Khandelwal makes an impressive movie debut with this one. The movie is a thriller which will keep you guessing all the way. We have seen similar thrillers like cellular or phone booth but this ones shows an entirely different scenario.

An Indian doctor on returning from London founds himself in precarious circumstances where his family is kidnapped and he is made to run around the city by goons. Its a simple story but told very effectively. The movie's impressive direction, editing and performances make sure that it never looses the pace.

The movie packs a punch and will be worth your money and time….

Highly recommended.

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