Saturday, July 26, 2008

MIT Graduate, Dr Aafia, Raped, Brutalized, Naked Shower in Front of Men

Dr Aafia is stated to be an award winning student of the MIT. She had studied in the MIT for 10 years and obtained her PhD and returned to Pakistan in 2002.

She was allegedly kidnapped in Karachi along with her three children aged between three-and-a-half months to seven years from March 25 to March 31, 2003.

She is allegedly involved in anti US hate speeches on Al Qaida platform and prompting terror attack in US.

I read on BBC that she is possibly at Batgram Airport in Afghanistan, as confirmed by UN HR group on missing persons. As claimed by UK Lord Nazir, that Dr Aafia is facing consistent sexual assault and forced to take shower in Male Bathroom, with no doors.

She is known as Prisoner Number 650…..

Who says world has become civilized over the period, aren’t we still the same pig in modern attire and with modern gadgets.
Finally, US has agreed that Dr Aafia is in Afghanistan, she is accused of attacking US army in July 2008. What about her 5 year disappearance?What about her kids?

US looks so big but looks so small after all barbaric act.

Look at Dr Aafias recent picture, she has been shot on leg by US soldiers to make a point that she had combat with US soldiers...she looks so weak, it is clear that poor women has been through worst ordeal by the army of so called civilized US.
A Glorious Dawn…A Better Day
To Dr.Afia Siddiqui - prisoner # 650 in American custody

Another dawn …another day,
Disgrace; insult is thrown our way;
Yet shamelessly on their golden perch
The spineless look Oh how they sway!
As if there is no Lord above,
They with the devil-hand in glove;
Selling our dearest values and souls,
For gold and power – push and shove!
This crime you saw they so denied,
To filthy scum they sold the bride;
Yet the mighty Creator seeing it all
Unveils the gruesome act they hide!
Amongst ravenous wolves the fair one lies,
As from brutish hands she helplessly flies;
A suffering sister sane no more,
Her anguished screams - they rent the skies.
And this is all the pride they boast?
Our tormentors they daily host;
Brothers with whom I shared the cup,
sadly how far apart today we coast!
When comes a ‘Qasim’ to stem this rot?
Of Allah and His Messenger forgot!
Of cheaply selling our heritage which,
With submission and sacrifice was dearly bought.
And yet the brave will go the way,
As an ‘Iftikhar’ keeps them at bay,
Afia! Our elders pray,
the younger fight-For a glorious dawn… a better day!
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Adnan said...

Lies after lies not only from US and ally authorities but also from western media who are only showing the western side of the story and not mentioning a word about her 5 year's at Bagram

Anonymous said...

5 years of torture humiliation n pain that this lady bore without anybody knowing..a muslim woman... we cannot leave the culprits roam on earth like that fight for her freedom..whatever it takes