Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bindas………Rakhi Sawant Make Over!!

To me Rakhi is bold and sexy with Bindas attitude……too daring, funny and lovely doll.

I wonder what makes Rakhi so cool; people don’t like her because she exposes a lot. I love one thing about her; she is honest, true and original.

She struggled a lot to reach to stardom in spite of hard childhood.

Male calls her cheap girl and item girl. They love her body to satisfy their sexual libido but to them she is item girl.

OMG people think Rakhi is a boy went through enormous plastic surgeries….simply absurd.

But Rakhi went through lips silicon therapy and she agrees that if God doest give beauty, doctor can hmmm I am not sure if she has also used silicon somewhere else ;-)

One thing I like about her, she is blunt and outspoken, and Rakhi simply rocks and she dares to be different….that makes her my lady: P You know what, she uses Manish Malhotra collections too...

At times, I feel Malaika Sherawat is sexier than Rakhi but I would go for Rakhi, at times she reminds me of Tokyo Roppongi club girls.

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