Sunday, April 13, 2008

Short Memories & Burning Karachi

It was 9th of April, I was busy with my business trip in Lahore, everything was going fine, around 4 in the evening, suddenly my colleague started receiving calls that Karachi is burning again. Her family was worried, if everything was fine in Lahore, similarly I also started receiving phone calls from home as well as friends and getting updates.

Everything was going fine, it was evening, and we were desperately looking for Subway after hectic back to back meetings across Lahore. We found subway just in the front of Levis factory outlet at PECO Road. Got rid of hunger and had nice and cheap shopping at Levis factory outlet.

On my way to Avari, I got a call from an American World Bank consultant, met at the Lahore airport and we were staying at the same hotel. Around seven we departed for early dinner, also joined by Ann, she was also working on a World Bank project, Polo Lounge restaurants green serene surroundings made me completely forget the disturbing events just happened in my city. Mushroom Steak along with Walnut Cheese Cake was the treat of the day after hectic business trip. They also talked about the violence in Karachi; we casually talked and forgot all, once reached at the hotel.

When I tuned in the TV, it reminded me about the horror stories of burning lawyers… when I got up, straight ready for Faisalabad, once reached, Serena Hotels red bricks fascinated me….during the meeting, one of the leading businessmen again reminded my friend and me that how sad the event unfolded and he wondered how we guys are living in violence prone city……his words sounded to us as if we are living in Columbia, Ivory Cost or Mogadishu. After the meeting, we just forgot all and were busy with divine dessert and cake trolley, looked amazing and taste was awesome. My friend forgot about her calories and she engrossed deeply, trying all sort of Cakes, made by the top class chefs of Serena Hotel.

Next day, we had a full day session at plant located at Sheikupura Road, after meeting, during the lunch; my friend and I were asked similar questions regarding the violence in Karachi.

My friend replied “We Have Short Memories”, it made me think and it is so true that life just moves on, we just do not feel the wound as if whole society is put on an Anesthesia.

When we reached Karachi, my friend smiled and whispered “welcome to violence prone Karachi”, I smiled back and I again realized…… yes, without short memories, it is simply impossible to sustain a normal life in BLEEDING CITY.

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